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Thunderbird 10.0.12 ESR


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I have windows xp professional X64 edition and Nod32 6.1.316.1.

I have just installed Thunderbird ESR 10.0.12. ESR means it is a long time support version with critical security updates only. When looking at the addons tab, I see that "Eset smart Security extension 6.0.316.0 (desactivated) becaust not compatible with Thunderbird 10.0.12.

1) Why is it called Smart security instead of Nod32 ? with the wrong ending number.

2) why incompatible ?

3) Am I still protected or not ?

Thank you.

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The plug-in for Thunderbird supports only older versions of it due to a rapid development cycle and significant changes in each new version. Without the plug-in, only email received via POP3 and IMAP will be scanned for malware, ie. the spam filter in ESET Smart Security won't work.

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