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Strange Smart Scan Action

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This laptop is runing 8.0.319.0


My Desktops are running 8.0.312.0


All running Windows 10 although the laptop was the last to be updated.


My desktops start a Smart Scan on C: partition

My Laptop start a scan on D: Partition


I went to settings and both laptop and desktop have the same settings as far as I could see.


I uninstalled and used the uninstall tool in safe mode, reinstalled and the same problem.


I did try to change some scan settings before I noticed the problem, but reset them to default.


One thing I would like to try is going back to 8.0.312.0 on the laptop.


Maybe there is a problem with 8.0.319.0 and no one else noticed ?


Thank You,

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Uninstalled 8.0.319.0 and installed 8.0.312.0 and Smart Scan scanned C:


You have a BIG problem with 8.0.319.0


Asus laptop

Windows 10

GPD disk


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Let's try it again with 8.0.319. I assume it's most likely that you set D: as a target for the Smart scan profile so uninstalling 8.0.319 and going back to 8.0.312 scanned C: as it's set by default.

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Can I just install 319 over 312 without going through uninstalln ?


I reinstalled 319 over 312 and all is back to normal.


I will not try any changes again since I reset to default and D: was not checked

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