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Sysinspector shows file that doesn't exist, status 6: unknown


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Hi all!


I have at hand a computer that supposedly has a blinking box with icons to what seem to be various acessory apps (notes, paint and the like) covering the lower left corner of the screen (including the Start button and half the Start Menu). I say "supposedly", because it shows up neither on screenshots nor in TeamViewer, so I only have my mother-in-law-s word for it. Haven't clicked any of the icons.


NOD32 detects nothing untoward.


SysInspector shows running processes -> explorer.exe as red, status "6: unknown" (or something, the installation is in Estonian...)


The suspect there is

"Module" = "c:\documents and settings\owner\application data\dropbox\bin\dropboxext.25.dll" ( 6: unknown ) ; 


For all I tried, that file actually doesn't exist, so I can't send it for analysis. There is a dropboxext.26.dll, also called from explorer.exe, but that is okay as far as sysinspector is concerned.


Also, sysinternals Process Explorer crashes ("... encountered a problem and needs to close..."), so I can't do anything with that.


Included is the SysInspector log in zip archive.


Any ideas?



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Well, the original problem turned out to be the screen's HUD, persistent because one of the buttons on the screen is stuck. *facepalm*


Still would like some feedback on that dropboxext.25 issue.

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