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Found 7 results

  1. I recently began using ESET Remote Administrator and Endpoint Antivirus in our small network. When I run sysinspector, it flags certain files and processes as dangerous that are necessary for our company. For instance, clientagent.vbs is assigned a risk level 6 though it is necessary for connection to the Windows Small Business Server. And one of our own pieces of software is assigned a level 5. I would like to have sysinspector ignore these, if possible. Is there a way to add these as exceptions or control what files and processes sysinspector flags?
  2. When I get Properties on a Client, then go to the System Information tab, I can see the "Current User Info" section. Is there a way to get this to show in the Grid view, or in a report? Thanks, -Scott
  3. I installed ESET NOD32 10 trial today and I made a SysInspector snapshot. To my surprise, it showed a ESET module and Windows Memory Compression process as "5:unknown". It also shows clrcompression.dll in the Windows Store apps as "9:risky". Flagged ESET module "em042_64.dll" is related to Network Protection. clrcompression.dll were from Solitaire and Photos app. It's a newly installed Windows system setup on 19th. I was running Windows Defender on it earlier.
  4. Hi all! I have at hand a computer that supposedly has a blinking box with icons to what seem to be various acessory apps (notes, paint and the like) covering the lower left corner of the screen (including the Start button and half the Start Menu). I say "supposedly", because it shows up neither on screenshots nor in TeamViewer, so I only have my mother-in-law-s word for it. Haven't clicked any of the icons. NOD32 detects nothing untoward. SysInspector shows running processes -> explorer.exe as red, status "6: unknown" (or something, the installation is in Estonian...) The suspect there is "Module" = "c:\documents and settings\owner\application data\dropbox\bin\dropboxext.25.dll" ( 6: unknown ) ; For all I tried, that file actually doesn't exist, so I can't send it for analysis. There is a dropboxext.26.dll, also called from explorer.exe, but that is okay as far as sysinspector is concerned. Also, sysinternals Process Explorer crashes ("... encountered a problem and needs to close..."), so I can't do anything with that. Included is the SysInspector log in zip archive. Any ideas? explorer_dropboxext.25_status_6.zip
  5. When/how does the agent for version 6 products detect non-ESET installed applications (for reporting in Remote Administrator)? Does the agent only list ESET products and other applications it (the agent) previously pushed? Or can it detect install applications it had nothing to do with? Is there perhaps a SysInspector script that can be ran and somehow display a report in Remote Administrator?
  6. I have a major problem with ESET complete package since I've had an (unknown- read on) "suspected infection". I have a 3 licensed end-user package for several years with great results but lately on one of my PC's (Windows XP - EeePC Note Book) I can't read any content of the programme as the "writing" or fonts cannot be seen as the screen just shows the frames and white background. I have checked my "FONTS Windows Directory" and all is ok and still there. Any suggestions?? Or is this a programme conflict with another? - No antivirus or similar of other brands has been installed. Help would be most welcome as I can't even read the contact email for client support and it occurred to me this may be a good place to start. I attach a pic of the Eset home page as I see it today on my PC. Thank you in advance.
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