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ESS stopped working after trying to update.

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today I wanted to update from 8.0.304.0 to 8.0.312 and now ESS stopped working.


List of action:

- Saw a pop-up today from ESS about the new version available

- Clicked "update now" button within ESS to update

- During update got an error- pop-up saying: "Das angegebene Konto ist bereits vorhanden" (The defined account exist already)

- Rebooted PC and tried again with the same error.


- Decided to deinstall ESS and then make a new, clean install.

- same error "Das angegebene Konto ist beirets vorhanden" poped up during deinstallation process (Tried several times, reboots & etc)

- can't deinstall ESS


- Downloaded installer from eset webpage and tried to install with the setup

- Same error pops up "Das angegebene Konto ist bereits vorhanden"...


Looks like its a problem with Eset's MSI-Installer...


Now i have ESS that doesn't work (red ESS icon in the task bar, with no option to enable firewall or antivirus.)

The system is completely exposed, thanks ESET!




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The error comes from Windows Installer. Please follow the instructions in KB hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2289 to uninstall the current version completely. Then download and install the latest version of ESS from ESET's website www.eset.com.

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Yes, I've figured that much in my post above.

Now I have to go though all that like I have nothing better to do, just because yet again ESET cant get its sh*t working.

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