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agent time is one hour behind

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I have ESET 6 and the time on the server (windows) is correct, the time on the client also (windows) but when I check the time in the status.html from the agent, it is one hour behind.

I saw that with the installation of a new agent that the "Last replication time" was one hour behind when it was just installed (installation was done at 11.00AM, client time is 11.00AM, server time is 11.00AM and last replication time is 10.00AM)

The time in the trace.log on the client is also one hour behind.

Any reason why ?

thanks, Ph.

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  • Former ESET Employees

These time info is in UTC format. It is very close to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). For example, if agent is in GMT+1 timezone, UTC time in log is 1 hour behind local time.


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