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[upd -h] Invalid Username and/or Password.

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I have a Linux server that does not have an internet connection.

I activated EFS using an offline license, and I configured EFS for Linux to use a folder for updating the EFS modules. (The images primary_server.png and secondary_server.png show how I configured the update).


To obtain the necessary files for the update, I used the tool MirrorTool.

Here is an example of the command line used to retrieve updates with MirrorTool for version EP9:

sudo MirrorTool --mirrorType regular --intermediateUpdateDirectory tmp/ --offlineLicenseFilename mirror_tool.lf --outputDirectory updates/ --mirrorFileFormat dat  --excludedProducts era6 ep6 ep7 ep8 ep10 ep11

where the license mirror_tool.lf is an offline license with associated username and password.

The issue arises when I attempt to update EFS modules using the command:

sudo /opt/eset/efs/bin/upd -u

I get the error message:

Invalid Username and/or Password.

What's strange is that this procedure, as I described, has been working for a few months now (i.e., since November). Could you please help me fix this issue and complete the update of the EFS modules?Thanks!

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Unfortunately I have no clue why authorization would fail when updating from a local directory. Please raise a support ticket.

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