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Is it possible to schedule from "update installed" for outdated applications

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When in 'ESET Applications' tab it is easy to see which products need updating. One of the options when left clicking is 'update installed', however this seems to happen immediately.

Is there a way to use this process to create a scheduled task to run later e.g. between 02:00 and 03:00 hours?

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As far as ESET security products are concerned, we recommend using the auto-update feature. This way program updates will be installed after the next reboot of a machine at least 1-2 weeks after a new version has been released. You can create an auto-update policy and set the maximum version that the program is allowed to update to and this way control the program updates.

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I am already using auto update
However I am seeing servers with out of date software, and I want to be able to schedule these with 'one click' to auto-restart between 02:00 &03:00

Would be cool if auto update could be programmed to auto-reboot at specific times

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