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Force installation of security product (AGENT already installed) on version 6

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I have version 8 clients and server.

One of the clients has the AGENT installed and needs the antivirus package also.

The package is normally installed via a client task but for some reason, nothing happens.

In the executions tab, there is no message about this installation.


With every piece of software, I like to be in control about the installation process.

With this I mean that when I doubleclick on the install file, I want the installation to start.

This is not the case here and I hope that ESET will distribute documentation to install everything via patch deployment (gpo or something else) with all install parameters documented.

I don't have the time to *WAIT* on a server for when he is ready and willing to install software.


How can I force the installation so that it happens *now* and not in 5 minutes/1 day/maybe sometime/or never ?

thanks, Verus.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi Verus,


Can you please try using the wake up call feature that I wrote you about in your other post? It should expedite any tasks you're waiting on. If you are not successful, I suggest you verify that your system has satisfied all of the requirements from our Push Installation Checklist.

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I share verus' frustration regarding the mysterious delays concerning task execution. Some improved feedback about Send Wake-Up Call failure would help. If ERA reported the next scheduled agent sync, that would help too.


One of the biggest gripes I have with centralized remote management is inadequate feedback of vital activity, especially activity that is intended to execute immediately. It often results in wasted time, doubt about product quality, and inevitably diminished reliance on the product.


Regarding ERA 6.x and the related security products, I'm very happy, but I might be ecstatic if immediate mode scheduling had better instrumentation. 

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