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ESET LiveGrid servers cannot be reached and limited Direct Cloud errors after upgrade to v17.0.15

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22 minutes ago, itman said:

The problem here has nothing to do with VPN usage.


4 hours ago, Marcos said:

Please raise a support ticket so that it can be processed and tracked properly.

I raised ticket, referred to this thread, not using any VPN and I am waiting for ESET to respond. And again - was not an issue before 17.0.15 and only laptop on wifi does it, wired PC does not. So ESET should investigate, why is Livegrid so sensitive or whatever, because I have otherwise zero network connectivity issues on any of my home devices. I have all devices connected to ESET Home app and I am kinda annoyed this app push notifications every 30 minutes or so about Livegrid not accessible even If I verified it is accessible. 

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On 12/1/2023 at 12:33 AM, Lukáš Maršálek said:

I didnt even get reply to my ticket :( But yes, notificiations about Livegrid stopped, seems fixed now. 

Yeah dude, me too.

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