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Daily Notifications Report


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I get complaints about the frequency of ESET notifications. E.g. "Detection caught by ESET Cloud Office Security" because of our anti-spam policy. Is it possible to send these notifications in a daily report? Currently the actions of Eset are perceived as "spam". However, switching off the notifications completely is not an option either, because we do not have the capacity to check every filtered email on the platform, the users should do this themselves.

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On 11/17/2023 at 9:09 AM, Marcos said:

What about using throttling to send 1 notification per day?



Thank you for the Answer! But I don't see where to find this option.

I was looking for something like that. But all see is this "all or nothing" options for sending a message to the admin and the post box owner yes/no:


For reports about quarantine objects I found an option in the "Reports" section. I test it but it seems to send daily reports to the post box owner, if an object was put in quarantine. Which would be great, if it works. With objects marked as "Junk" or other actions in the Exchange accounts of our users, these object-action-reports ("statistical reports") can not be sent to the post box owners, which would be also great.

My goal is: Every mailbox owner receives a report on all security measures carried out by eset, once a day and not every time something is done.


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