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Are the license overused and exchange problems related?


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My client has 50 computers, so, I buy 43 licences...

then we migrated from Linux email to MS Exchange... then, a few weeks later I installed the mail security in the exchange server...

I realize we have 90 mailboxes (only 43 computers but the other 47 mailboxes of the users are a mix of administrative, remote, and externals), the problem is a few weeks after the implementation of mail security the client connections to the exchange server started to be erratic... disconnect, stop synchronizing (a big part of the users check the email using Gmail with the pop/imap feature), etc...

I disabled all the client configurations from mail security, and only antispam is enabled, but... the problem persists.

I want to know if the mail security is the problem. If there's a connection limit based on the licenses or something like that

ESET Support doesn't give me any direct answer, just tells me to uninstall mail security. I don't want to touch any production server or buy any license until someone gives me a direct answer.

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This is not ESET related. We are hooked in the transport service. Even if license overuse is detected, it cannot cause any issues. You also mentioned issues checking Gmail email on clients that connect to Gmail servers and not to the Exchange server.

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