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Deploy OVA - All Configuration Steps Missing


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I am attempting to deploy the OVA following the instructions on this page hxxp://help.eset.com/era/6/en-US/index.html?virtual_appliance.htm however none of the configuration steps appear through the Deploy OVF Template wizard.


I am currently using ESXi 5.5 1331820.


The OVF Template wizard steps I get are:




I have gone all the way through the deployment wizard and when the Appliance boots up I get




I have searched and see no documentation for the Management Mode password



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Did you redeploy with  the web console?


EDIT: ESXI web console.


I was able to set all parameters required in that.

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Yeah, since no one bothered to post an update, I'll do it:
This "bug" has to do with directly connecting to the ESXi Console. The OVF template is for vCenterServers only. So you will need to connect directly to a vCenter server using a vSphere Client. If you do not have a vCenter server, it will not work and you'll get all the missing settings.


The other alternative is to spin up your own CentOS (or other linux distro of your choice) and manually install. I ran into a bunch of blocks, but it wasn't tremendously difficult to work out.

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