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Is it recommendable to use the Ventoy program to install OS?


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I work with multiple operating systems, mostly Windows.
That is why I found this Ventoy program, which allows you to install multiple OS, so I decided to look for information about this program, and it seems that whenever this program is scanned with Virus Total, there are malware alerts, in addition to the fact that this program is of origin Chinese, it doesn't give me confidence to use it.

I just want to know the opinion of an expert from the Eset community, if this program is safe and reliable, since I work as a computer technician, and the last thing I want is malware to be installed on my clients' computers.

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Ventoy is open source software. So far, all virus reports have been false positives. If, however, you have concerns you can always download the source code from GitHub and compile your own copy :)

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