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web protection?

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I would like to know if web protection while I'm browsing in internet is available in ESET mobile security for Android. I ask because here (hxxp://www.eset.com/us/home/products/mobile-security-android/) it seems to be present, but many sites says not (for example https://forum.eset.com/topic/2791-comparison-to-other-mobile-security-solucions/page-2).


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You have anti-phishing, and app protection.


Your phone cant be infected by common normal windows threats or similar. Only by android / linux-unix & or java developed threats.

I am not sure how web protection comes into play here, but maybe ESET can elaborate further. Mainly because a threat would be anything that messed with your phone. So if you ran across a drive by js or similar on a site, it would be in the form of an application, which would then be detected by ESET if installed or scanned and found. If it wasnt in the form of an app, it may still be detected heuristically or by a db.

We are finding advanced threats everyday, but im not sure a filter on url traffic would be necessary or not on a phone etc.

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Yes anti-phishing is already included. Web protection means the scanning of websites for malware (not [only] for phishing).

I edited my post in the Wikipedia topic to make this more clear.


E.g. when you visit a site which offers (malicious) apks, other malicious files or which is maybe a PUA site the site will be blocked before you can download anything.

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