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Password manager; is this the right forum?

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I am using the password manager extension in Firefox, just downloaded most current version to a new device. I install the PW manager and FF says there is no shortcut for this extension. That makes it useless for notes -- which I use extensively -- or for generating a password when the cursor isn't in a password box.

I have: Uninstalled FF and rebooted the (Windows 11 Home) computer, reinstalled FF and then re-added the PW manager extension. Extension manager/settings/manage extension shortcuts page shows that Eset Password manager has no shortcut.

Any other troubleshooting ideas? If I am told to open a ticket on this, can an explanation of how to open a ticket be included in the reply, please?



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This can be closed. Firefox has a non-obvious way to add the shortcut, even though in the "Manage extensions" tab is indicates eset PW manager has no shortcut.

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