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Disable Warning "your operating system is outdated" in ESET-Protect

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We recently updated our ESET-Products (Protect / Endpoint for Clients Win7-Win10). For compatibility, we need to run a few clients on win 7. I tried to find a policy setting to disable this warning for 4 Clients. 


All I can find is this :image.png

I know that once there was the option to turn off this warning in an older version of ESET-Protect.

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to disable this warning too, as we still have several customers using Windows 7, which they can't upgrade at the moment.

Is it possible to avoid being notified at the ESET Protect console about this, so it won't paint them all yellow?



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No, it is not possible to disable the warning in the console because the application status was not supported by the program when it was released. Current versions of Endpoint support it so once Windows 10 is due to lose support and the program will notify about it, it will be possible to silence the warning in the console.

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