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Does ESET block iCloud downloads?


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Thank you for a fine product.


I have Eset NOD32 Antivirus 7 which I use with Windows 7. I recently activated Apple iCloud and am having a problem. When I take a picture with my iPhone, iCloud is supposed to transmit a copy of the picture from my iPhone to my computer automatically. This does not seem to be happening. I've worked with Apple technical support to no avail. I am wondering if it is possible that Eset is blocking this?


Also, I have Carbonite activated, but that seems to be working fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thank you.



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To confirm or rule out ESET as the culprit, try temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup. Let us know if that helped.

You can also download and install EAV v8 from ESET's website and enable pre-release updates to test it with most current modules.

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