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ESET Cloud v9.1 - No messages to postpone


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I'm not seeing the new feature when setting up the upgrade task to clients that a message pop up to allow them to postpone. I've tested it twice to postpone ESET Full Disk Encryption: first machine didn't show any message with the task completed within the console with a delay of 3 days to postpone, and second machine I set to 3 hours but it rebooted immediately upon completion (less than 30 minutes) without any message to postpone. I'm upgrading the system via details of the client in the console. Does "restart when needed" override the postpone option?

ESET Endpoint Security 9.1.2057.0  
ESET Full Disk Encryption (pre-upgrade was v1.3.1)  
ESET Management Agent 9.1.1298.0  

ESET PROTECT Server 9.1.1295.0


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