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SPF and MTAs with Exchange

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Hi, We have the exchange server with eset doing anti-spam filtering and its been quite effective.

We just made a change to the network topology and now have an MTA infront of our exchange server.
I have just noticed that Exchange has started stamping spf failures on everything (just logging) because its getting relayed email via the MTA. That is when the email arrives every mail is recevied from the ip address of our MTA and EVERY email thus fail its SPF check.
I hope this makes sense.

I couldnt find any options in the settings for spf.
So my question is, does eset use SPFs to filter spam (ie to increase the weightings when checking an email) and if so can it be disabled.


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Hi, SPF should work fine even under these circumstances. You need to put the IP address of your new MTA into the Ignored IP list and mark it as Infrastructure IP. EMSX should then parse the correct sender's IP from Received headers and use it in the SPF check.
As for your question - SPF result is not used directly when classifying an email (spam/nospam), but can have impact on future classifications in cloud.

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