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Quarantine malware reports

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Hello, I'm trying to make a daily report, for our admins, with all malware that has been quarantined. There's an option to schedule such report "Mail Quarantine report - Send email reports with new quarantined objects to selected recipients" but there's no list to manage selected recipients. We would like to get this report to easily release false positive quickly.

Thanks for you help

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @SLeger, we looked into this and I have some follow-up questions to make sure I understand your workflow correctly.

Currently, when setting up the mail quarantine report source, you also select the report recipients in one step. So each user you select when setting up the reports, gets notified about the e-mails in their own mail quarantine (only).

If I understand this correctly, you would like to have an option for admins to receive one report for all users´ emails currently waiting in the quarantine and so that you can release them sooner, without the user having to do it themselves? Do I understand this right?

Thank you

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Exactly, it would be great as an admin to have a full report of quarantined mails, via email, daily or as they occure, and to have the ability to verify/release legitimate emails.

Thank you!

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