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odscan slower than cls

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Hi all,

I am evaluating ESET Server Security for Linux. I get much better performance with cls (3.5s) that with odscan (25s) while scanning the same set of files. On another system I am evaluating ESET EndPoint Protection for Linux. It doesn't have cls so i cannot compare but odscan takes less than a second. I've created new profiles on both hosts and I think they are the same.

Any idea why odscan on the host running ESET Server Security for Linux might be so slow?



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What parameters did you use for the cls scan? For instance, it's possible to disable scanning archives which would speed up the scan.

Generally sice cls doesn't support Smart optimization, a scan should be always slower compared to running odscan.

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Hi Marcos,

Thanks for your reply. cls is working more or less as expected. The issue is odscan performance. I expected it to be faster than cls but odscan command take more than 7 times longer than cls to scan the same set of files (1.1MB total).

Something I forgot to mention: Report in the GUI says that odscan task completed in a second but actual command on the system takes 25+ seconds. cls command around 3 seconds.


Here is the output of the commands:

# time /opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/cls virus

ECLS Command-line scanner, version, Copyright © 1992-2022 ESET, spol. s
r. o. All rights reserved.
Module loader, version 1077 (20200622), build 1140
Module perseus, version 1587 (20220322), build 2287
Module scanner, version 25087 (20220411), build 53119
Module archiver, version 1329 (20220314), build 1409
Module advheur, version 1215 (20220126), build 1224

Command line: virus  

Scan started at:   Mon Apr 11 08:10:00 2022
Scan completed at: Mon Apr 11 08:10:00 2022
Scan time:         0 sec (0:00:00)
Total:             files - 3, objects 9
Detected:          files - 2, objects 2
Cleaned:           files - 0, objects 0

real    0m2.981s
user    0m2.890s
sys     0m0.061s



# time /opt/eset/efs/bin/odscan --scan --profile=<LocalProfile> --show-scan-info virus

real    0m25.446s
user    0m0.081s
sys     0m0.009s




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