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Windows Unified Write Filter and Endpoint Security


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ESET Protect
ESET Endpoint Security 

We have devices out in the field which use Windows 10 unified write filter. It protects the disk from unauthorised writes and any file changes are written into temp memory and lost on reboot. 

The devices are public facing and interactive, showing only our application. 

A customer has insisted on having a AV product installed, I like ESET so it is the natural choice. 

It all works until I enable the Win10 write protection on the device. (I'm using a single test unit currently)

Real-time file system protection cannot start. It starts fine when I disable the UWF protection. 

I have added exclusions to the write filter, but the situation is the same:

C:\Program Files\ESET\


I've disabled Real-Time file system protection for now, but what else can I do?

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Please open a support ticket. Developers will most likely need to duplicate the issue in house for further debugging.

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