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How to prevent false positives on AIMP?


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The situation with ESET32 falsely detecting and blocking AIMP updates in real time is rather well-known. It can be circumvented by opening advanced settings in the ESET32 popup and asking it to ignore the detection signature. This solves the real-time blocking issue.

However, this does not prevent detection of AIMP files in further periodic scans. I would like to prevent this once and for all


How do I stop this detection? Is is about asking ESET32 to ignore a signature? Or am I supposed to exclude a location?

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The detection is correct; it's detected as a potentially unwanted application which is optional detection. You can create a detection exclusion if you want to use the application.

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That's great.

However, when it comes to real-time detection, the pop-up window offers me the option to exclude the signature from detection. How do I achieve the save if I want create this exclusion for periodic (idle-time) scans? I see the corresponding dialog in the advanced settings, but I how do I specify the signature?

More importantly, how come this option is not available from the periodic scan pop-up window? Real-time detection pop-up makes it easy. Why doesn't periodic scan pop-up offer the same ease of use?

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