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  1. Online SSLTest on SSLLabs shows that 'adorama.com' supports TLS 1.2. Enabling TLS warnings in Chrome's internal settings (per your ghacks.net link) produces no warnings for 'adorama.com'. P.S. Now Firefox also can't access 'adorama.com' when NOD32 protection is enabled.
  2. Just asked NOD32 to check for updates, and it updated itself to However, it does not solve the above problem.
  3. All Chromium-based browsers for Windows 10, as well as Internet Explorer are prevented from accessing 'adorama.com' web site. Chrome, Opera and Edge report ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR. Meanwhile Firefox is not affected - everything works fine in Firefox. Enabling VPN in Opera also seems to solve the issue for Opera. Pausing protection in ESET NOT32 fixes the problems for all browsers: access to 'adorama.com' is restored. Re-enabling ESET NOT32 blocks access to 'adorama.com' again. I can't test Windows 7 now, so the above applies to Windows 10 Pro x64 (1909), ESET NOD32
  4. Following the instructions I have uninstalled version 10 of ESET NOD32 Antivirus and started inslalling version 11 from scratch. However, when I specify my normal locations for `Module` and `Data` folders I get "Invalid folder selected" error. The error is displayed regardless of whether I type the location manually or select it using "Browse" button. What exactly is going on here?
  5. Seems to be a reappearance of this old problem Although I've never seen it before on my machines.
  6. I made a full uninstall (using Safe Mode and ESET's uninstaller untility). And then rebooted and reinstalled it from scratch using the live installer. This fixed the "Real time file system protection" problem. NOD32 GUI reports no problems now. However, for some reason it keeps popping Windows notification/warning boxes in the lower-right corner of the screen telling me that ESET NOD32 requires my attention ("click to open GUI" and so on). These warning boxes expect me to click on them (or sometimes dismiss themselves leaving no trace in Windows notification pane). When I click on such no
  7. Here is full log collected from one of the machines immediately after reboot (with "Real time file system protection" disabled as described above) eav_logs.zip
  8. This happens consistently on a number of completely unrelated Windows 10 Pro x64 machines. After update to version and rebooting the machine, "Computer protection" turns red because "Real time file system protection" is disabled (red switch). "Setup" tab of the GUI shows 1 warining about this. Curiosuly, if pause protection, then switch to "Home" tab to re-enable protection, the problem clears itself. "Computer protection" becomes green and "Real time file system protection" turns on (green switch). However, after pausing, protection has to be re-enabled from "Home" tab sp
  9. Thank you. But I already nuked my previous install using the Uninstall tool. A subsequent reinstallation seems to be free of any problems.
  10. Yes, full uninstall (using the Uninstall tool) followed by a reinstall resulted in an error-free setup of version 10. Thank you.
  11. Windows 10 Pro x64. I removed my previous version of Antivirus (version 9) and used live installer to install version 10. The new freshly installed version reports 2 problems on the Home screen Anti-stealth is non-functional Web and mail protocol filtering is non-functional Setup screen also indicates 4 problems: Real-time system protection Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) Web access protection Anti-Phishing protection A notification periodically pops up that HIPS is not working since connection to driver failed. So, what's next? Wha
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