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Protected website doesn't appear !

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Dear ESET , it is a matter of regret after the recent update , when I activate protected website redirection , ESET doesn't redirect the bank web to the protected browser . The bank website opens in normal browser . Please solve this problem as soon as possible . 

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Guest keep on messing it up

I have the same problem now when I use eset banking it goes no-where  it worked great until you guys

decided to mess it up ,been about 4 to 5 weeks now web sites I could go to with no problem are all blocked

and no I do not want to read a book on how to fix it ,or go to the default settings and lose my settings 

lets say, you guys just fix the dam thing , been a customer for about 10 years ,left other software because they

kept F'n with it till they broke it ,,well congratulations you have manages to finally get to the same point


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Does switching to the pre-release update channel in the advanced setup make a difference?

What browser / version do you use? What is the bank website that you open?

Last but not least, we would appreciate if you follow this forum rules one of which reads:
4, Ask only simple questions. If you want to report an issue, inquire about your license, etc., create a forum account first. This forum is not intended for lengthy discussions.

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