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The Difference Between Nod32 Ver.4, 5,5,6 And Ver. 7


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i would like to know what is the difference between nod32 ver.4, 5,5,6 and ver. 7.

what i am really asking is if there is a difference betwwen their ability to indentify and remove viruses better or they actually work the same.

do they have the same scanning and locating viruses?

the reason i was asking is that i got a messege one day from my NOD32 ver. 4.2 saying that he upgraded his internal components after he downloaded updates.

do i have to upgrade my NOD32 to version 7 or can i stay with ver.4.2?

thank you.

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I wouldn't recommend staying with v4 at all. V7 is best in terms of protection and reaction time to newly emerging threats thanks to LiveGrid. There's also v8 beta available which added Java exploit blocker and detection of active bots (applicable only to ESET Smart Security as it's a network-based detection by the firewall). Another improvement compared to v4 is Advanced memory scanner which analyzes running processes while utilizing HIPS and can terminate or suspend them if they turn out to be malicious.

If you decide to upgrade from v4, I wouldn't install v7 over it. Otherwise it could happen that new default settings used by v7 wouldn't be applied and which would lessen the overall protection capabilities.

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