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exit code

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When I run a manual scan, eg. sudo /opt/eset/eea/bin/odscan --scan --profile="@Smart scan" /home/*  I can see the hard disk humming away for a while and then the terminal reverts back to the prompt

My question is, where is the exit code?  I thought it might appear in the terminal after the scan, but no.  Is there a log somewhere that shows it?  At the very least I should see a 0 somewhere?  How do I know the scan has completed successfully?  It seems pretty fast compared to the old NOD 32 process

I have attached a couple of screenshots of the terminal




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You can use

/opt/eset/eea/sbin/lslog -s    || List On-Demand scan logs

But unfortunately it doesn't show you what got detected and what got cleaned etc..

You can see more info here : https://help.eset.com/eeau/8/en-US/events.html

And more here:


But still according to the guide here after scan ESET should show you the exit code:


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Thanks for your prompt reply

OK, I can see the logs now that you have directed me

And I'm now getting the exit code in the terminal on completion, I don't know why I wasn't earlier.  Showed as 10 (see attachment)

So cross fingers, all looks like it's working OK




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It happened to me once , I scanned and didn't receive also an exit code for somereason but I left it , I didn't look into it

I'm glad I was able to help :)

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