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  1. Thanks for replying /tmp folder had permission 1777 so OK /eset/eea/ods/ folders in /var/log/ didn't even exist. So I added them and set the permission of the ods folder to 700 But I still have the same issue when I try to run a scan. I've attached the log files. They downloaded as a .tar.gz so I had to convert it to .zip for attachment, hope it's OK Cheers nwb eea_logs.tar.zip
  2. When I try to run a scan from terminal eg. sudo /opt/eset/eea/bin/odscan --scan --profile="@Smart scan" /folder structure to scan/ I get the following error messages logd[2660]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Cannot create temporary file: Permission denied logd[2660]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Cannot create new scan log: Too many scan logs are open simultaneously I can't find anything documented to sort this. It's probably something simple. Any help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Odd. I purchased the license Feb 2018, renewed Feb 2021 with expiry 2024 Nowhere was it stated this product has EOL Q2/21. I'm assuming there is an updated or alternative product available after the expiry?
  4. My issue has previously been raised, but this thread was halted so no replies or additions are possible Why does ESET NOD 32 AV have to be repaired after file cleaning? By IanSL, August 11, 2020 in ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop I have the same issue as this original post, whenever my temporary files are cleaned up I need to 'repair' ESET NOD32 in order to get it to auto start at each boot again. I too find the response to this original post somewhat underwhelming. I've paid the licence fee after all ... There is obviously a minor fault, some file or other it needs to run is probably stored in the temporary area and is being deleted during file clean up. The 'repair' obviously re-instates whatever it is. Shouldn't be that hard to sort? Apart from that, it's a great product Cheers N
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