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ESET Getting Hacked through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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My bluetooth and wi fi is getting hacked daily by a professional they are re writing script to allow downloads using outdated Microsoft certificate's. They have hacked my phones, tv's and both of my computers. they have re written the script on ESET for access. I have had to reload my computer three times.Short of double tapping them. HOW CAN I FIND THEM. This has gotten to be a pain in the . (702) 830-2267

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If professional hackers really have a good reason to spend time hacking your devices, I'd recommend contacting a local penetration testing company that performs forensic analysis and security audits.

However, if you are an ordinary person that attackers would have no intention to continually attack you to get some profits, it should be enough to stick to the recommendations below:

- use network devices, such as router, modem, firewall, etc. from a respected manufacturer who provides updates of the firmware
- use the latest firmware on your network devices
- don't use the default administrator password but a sophisticated one
- keep WAN management disabled
- use a secured wi-fi connection and a strong key
- use strong passwords in general
- keep the OS, antivirus and other applications updated
- use a standard user account instead of an administrator one if not needed
- avoid downloading cracks or dubious software
- install software only from websites of trusted vendors
- avoid opening suspicious emails, attachments and clicking links

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