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ESET PROTECT server problem.

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I have problem with my ESET PROTECT server. Server is getting full, and I can't find the reason. Now its full @ 40/40 GB (0% free).

ESET PROTECT (Server), Wersja 8.1 (8.1.2209.0)
ESET PROTECT (Konsola internetowa), Wersja 8.1 (
CentOS (64-bit), wersja 7.9.2009
MySQL 5.6.40 size : 267MB

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Had the same thing where the htcacheclean wasn't running on the proxy and it filled up, initially expanded the disk but cleaning the cache is better

service htcacheclean status

systemctl enable htcacheclean

service htcacheclean start


and then wait for an hour or so maybe to see if it cleans the proxy cache. 

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For a start you could also provide a screen shot of the Server performance status dashboard as well as information about how many clients report to the ESET PROTECT Server.

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Hi again. For now all I can provide is this :

Filesystem                                                         Size    Used   Avail   Use%   Mounted on
devtmpfs                                                           1.9G       0       1.9G    0%         /dev
tmpfs                                                                 1.9G        0       1.9G   0%         /dev/shm
tmpfs                                                                 1.9G     8.9M    1.9G   1%         /run
tmpfs                                                                 1.9G        0        1.9G   0%        /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/mapper/centos_ba--eraappl--v-root   41G     41G       20K   100%     /                          <-- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
/dev/sda1                                                          497M  210M   287M  43%      /boot
/dev/mapper/centos_ba--eraappl--v-home 20G      1.2G   19G      7%       /home
tmpfs                                                                  379M     0       379M   0%       /run/user/0

I can't connect to web console, I need to free some space, to be able to logon 😕

I did start htcacheclean - now I'll wait for 2 h, and see if it helped. (After 30min , still only 20K is free)


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Problem solved.

/var/cache/httpd/proxy was ultra loaded.

@robg htcacheclean wasn't running.

Thx for help/hint :)


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