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Eset password manager?

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I just started using ESET Password manager a few days ago and today, when I restarted my computer I can't seem to login to it. At one point it let me in but it's as if I never imported my password, I have nothing. The same thing started yesterday on my phone, I had to login and it asked me to create a PIN, which all of that was already done.

Does anyone have any idea?

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Same here. Every time I open this app on my phone I have to recreate a PIN and save it. This is a vary laborious process to set this app up to get it to work. Some time seems to recognize the login process at a web site and when creating/saving a pwd and other times not. I spend a lot of time trying to get this app to work correctly in Chrome on my laptop and on my Android phone. Seems like a lot of steps and time you think it's setup and it's not. After several manual steps I can get it to work okay on the laptop but it never works smoothly on my S21 Ultra running Android 11. Yikes...

By web sites I mean AmEx, Morgan Stanley...etc. 

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