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Android devices activated as Windows license?

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I have ESET Home Office Security Pack purchased, for 5 computers, 5 mobile devices and 1 server.

I have 1 Mac, 3 Windows and 3 Android devices.  I am expecting these 3 Android devices to be activated/licensed under "ESET Endpoint Security for Android", however, they are all activated/licensed as "ESET Endpoint Security for Windows", as a result, it is now showing "license overused".

All these 3 Android devices were installed with business version of ESET Endpoint Security, and activated with ESET Business Accounts.

How to fix the device type problem here?  I need all my devices properly protected as soon as possible, because there would be secure transactions over these devices very soon.

I tried to send support request twice, but receiving no response, not even the confirmation email of support request received.  I tried to contact support from local distributor, unfortunately after listened to my case they never called me back as promised.

Appreciate if anyone could help me out one this.



Alexander Lai

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 18.05.40.png

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 18.05.57.png

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