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Keep ESET Internet Security working on Windows 7

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There is a company called Acros Security that has put out a product called 0patch  (https://0patch.com/).  The company finds security holes in Windows 7, and the 0patch product seals these holes.  I've purchased 0patch for my Windows 7 machine, and it works great.  It only costs 28 US Dollars (23 Euros), per year.  Uses very little system resources.

This product, together with a good anti-malware product such as ESET Internet Security, makes Windows 7 usable on the Internet again.  There are more Windows 7 users out there than most people realize, because they currently don't get online with it.  And Windows 8 and 10 are pretty awful.  So is Linux.

It shouldn't be difficult to do this.  Simply always code the program to work with Windows 7.  As you know, any program that would run in Windows 7 will also run on Windows 8 and 10.  Take a look at MajorGeeks.com if you don't believe that.  Of course, it will have to be set up to check for the kinds of malware that would infect Windows 8 and 10 as well, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Some anti-malware companies, like BitDefender and McAfee, have already announced when their end of support will be for Windows 7.  Please do not do this.  Windows 7 is still usable with 0patch, but it won't be again if all the anti-malware companies code their software to not work with Windows 7.  Thank you.

Also, a feature request:  Put a setting in the Banking and Payment Protection to tell it which browser to use, rather than the user having to change the default browser system-wide, and then change it back after finishing whatever banking or payments they were doing.  You might even go a step further and have your own custom browser built into the program.

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As long as new features can run on Windows 7, we won't discontinue support. There are still quite many Windows 7 users so it makes sense to keep our products compatible as long as possible.

The only thing that Windows 7 must support to allow ESET to install is SHA-2 code signing support that can be added via Windows updates.

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