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Work station disabled (EFDE)


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Hello All,

We initiate a full disk encryption from the ESET management console and we waited over night for encryption to complete but when we try to access the laptop today we noticed the work station has a message on the screen "Work station disabled" hence the reason we had to escalate here , although we have read all the remedial steps on the help center and knowledge based both no topic is related to these issue stated 

Kindly advise on a work around 


Below is the issue experienced Image


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No screen shot was provided, please re-post.

I would like to emphasize that this forum is not a substitute to contacting customer care but rather for sharing knowledge with ESET community. The forum doesn't serve as a means for ticket escalations either. In order to escalate your ticket / case, please do it through your local ESET distrubutor.


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