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howto limit syslog entries to errors/warnings

Guest TyNewton

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Guest TyNewton


Sorry for the newb question but the ESET Installation Manual and User Guide, and Google aren't giving me any good information.  Also, I'm not an expert with Linux.


I am trialing ESET for Linux File Servers and I noticed that it generates quite a lot of syslog entries.  I would prefer if it only recorded when virus's were detected, problems with the software, and maybe a summary so I know it did its scan.  Can anyone recommend a configuration which would make the happen?


The idea is I only need to know when there's a problem; not when everything is working fine.  If there is a really good reason for recording all the virus="is OK" lines in syslog please let me know because I just don't see the need; and it makes the syslog file pretty huge.



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Hello TyNewton,


Please change the syslog_class values in esets.cfg and restart the esets daemon. For directions on this process, please see the steps below:

  1. Edit the configuration file, the default location is /etc/opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg
  2. Locate the following entry: syslog_class = "error:warning:summall:part"
  3. Change the entry to: syslog_class = "error:warning:summ:part"
  4. Save the configuration file
  5. Restart the esets daemon using the following command: sudo service esets restart


Thank you,


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