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Questions on security


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I just started with a company this month and was sent the company laptop with ESET Security pre-installed.


After tinkering with the software, it looks like I can manually disable some of the features like Web Control, Device Control.


However, one feature, the real time protection is enabled and I can't disable it.


My question is, can the company still see what I browse on the internet even if I disable web control from my end? Can they still see the files I have on my computer?

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If you use a company's notebook you should not be able to change ESET settings in the first place. At least it's common that administrators apply a policy with settings that are protected from being changed by the user or set up password protection in order to keep the machine protected at all times.

Real-time protection, Web access and email protection and HIPS are crucial protection features that should always be turned on. ESET does not spy on you; it scans files and objects on your machine and blocks the malicious ones. While suspicious files may be submitted for further analysis, files with potentially sensitive content, such as documents, are excluded from submission by default.

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