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ESET 7.2 - Email Scan Sync Issues O365 Outlook


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I have been searching for the last 2 days. We are rolling out ESET and we are finding that the ESET Outlook integration is causing an issue with Sync/Conflict issues.

After installing ESET 7.2 on client machines with Outlook they begin receiving a Sync Issue notification for some emails. The issue appears to be a time delay, milliseconds, between the local machine and the server.

From my searches I have found that previous versions of ESET with this issue could have it resolved by toggling it to be 'compatible'. That option does not appear on my 7.2 dashboard when I go to look at the policy settings. Another recommendation was to goto Policies > Web and Email > Email Client Protection > Alerts and Notifications  and then toggle Append tag messages to receive and read email  and to sent email to never.

I did this and no luck, still getting the error.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a solution for 7.2. Hopefully one that does not tell me to turn off E-Mail integration. If I disable the integration the errors stop occurring but that is not the outcome I am looking for.



This is is the conflict/sync issue message:

7:50:27 Not equal (conflict) property: 0x007D001F

7:50:27 Local modification: {15:50:17.0098  05/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]}

7:50:27 Remote modification: {15:50:17.0036  05/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]}

7:50:27 Conflict generated, local item is winner



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It should be possible to work around conflicts on the property 0x007D001F by importing a special configuration xml. I'd recommend opening a support ticket so that the case is tracked.  ESET HQ should create the special xml for Endpoint v7 and provide it through your local ESET support.

The ultimate solution will be a brand new Outlook plug-in that will handle scanned emails differently. It should be available next year.

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