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eSeT for IpFire


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I am just thinking whether eSeT is also suitable for the IpFire system. Use a translater in advance for the translation, hope to be in the right category.

The question would be whether and how and which version is required that works on the Ipfire. Among other things, Samba runs on my IpFire, so you can say that it is a file server for Windows and Linux clients. Especially here it would make sense to be able to use eSeT, but also the real-time / malware / spam protection would logically make sense.

Another important point for the decision would be the price. An installation guide for IpFire would not be bad either, if somehow possible in German.

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I'm not familiar with IPFire. Probably ESET File Security for Linux v7 won't work but you can try to install it. According to https://help.eset.com/efs/7/en-US/?system_requirements.html:

ESET File Security for Linux should also work on the most recent and frequently used open-source Linux distributions if:

  • the hardware requirements criteria above are met,
  • and software dependencies are not missing in the Linux distribution used.
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