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Bug in All-in-one Installer?

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I think i detected a serious bug in the All-in-one Installation wizard...

Here is what i did a what happend:
I've started to create an All-in-one package (Agent & Security Product)
I removed the license (will be activated later by a automated task)
For product i selected EEA 7.3.2039.0 Windows US language
No Configuration policy selected.
On next page the default ESMC certificate is selected with no passphrase.
On the Advanced tab a Name was entered
no description, no Tags selecgted, Parent group left to All.
Unchecked "Enable ESET AV Remover"

For Configuration type i selected - "Do not configure"
and entered my ESMC server hostname + port number.
No Http proxy is selected.

Next, i've downloaded the package and installed this on Test-VM without any network adapter or connectivity!

Once installed and rebooted i tried to uninstall the ESET Agent - but that failed because the password is incorrect?
We have a Management Agent policy in place that set a password.
Entering the password from the policy -> i was able to uninstall the Agent on the offline host

From where and why accepted the Agent that password even when i select not policy during the installation wizard?
Also my Test-VM was without any connectivty?

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