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  1. I think i detected a serious bug in the All-in-one Installation wizard... Here is what i did a what happend: I've started to create an All-in-one package (Agent & Security Product) I removed the license (will be activated later by a automated task) For product i selected EEA 7.3.2039.0 Windows US language No Configuration policy selected. On next page the default ESMC certificate is selected with no passphrase. On the Advanced tab a Name was entered no description, no Tags selecgted, Parent group left to All. Unchecked "Enable ESET AV Remover" For Configuration type i selected - "Do not configure" and entered my ESMC server hostname + port number. No Http proxy is selected. Next, i've downloaded the package and installed this on Test-VM without any network adapter or connectivity! Once installed and rebooted i tried to uninstall the ESET Agent - but that failed because the password is incorrect? We have a Management Agent policy in place that set a password. Entering the password from the policy -> i was able to uninstall the Agent on the offline host From where and why accepted the Agent that password even when i select not policy during the installation wizard? Also my Test-VM was without any connectivty?
  2. Whenever i try to deactivate a activated product (remove license) the product remains activated and in the Object details under "Product & Licenses" the license is still shown. When triggering again the deactivation task on the same object (after 30 minutes) it says "License seat already removed" All Endpoint Objects show the same behavior, the license is not removed. Checking the Endpoint Client, all the License information is still there. Please help.
  3. I've copied & pasted the win32.zip via RDP into the server. Extracted on the server and... it works now. Previously i've always copied & pasted the exe + dll via RDP and received that library error. Strange, anyway...thanks for that quick help!
  4. I'm using the dll from the downloaded "win32.zip" file.
  5. I've installed/updated all VC packages. Same error. Attached the ProcMon capture log file. Logfile.rar
  6. I'm unable to download either something from the Repository or Modules updates. Error: Cannot load library Internet connection is not (FW) blocked. (works on a W10 machine in the same LAN) Mirrortool.exe & updater.dll are in the same folder. OS: Windows Server 2019 with latest updates. Language: EN VS2010 & VS2015 installed. MirrorTool: v.1.0.1149.0 Any help would be great.
  7. Which carrier is effected?
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