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Expiration of on-demand scan task


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I created an on-demand in depth scan task and set a weekly trigger on it. The task starts every Saturday at 00.00 AM. My goal is to run an in depth scan to computers that still powered on over the weekend. However, on Monday morning, I notice that there are computers start to run the task, although those computers were turned off during the weekend and powered on on Monday morning. Can I define the range/expiration of the trigger, let say 24 hours, so for clients who did not receive the trigger in 24 hours after the defined schedule (in this case the clients are off during the weekend) will not triggered to do the scan on Monday morning?


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I was referring to Scheduler settings in a policy. However, I don't see a reason why it would not work with client tasks as well and I'd expect the scan to not start on Monday if "Invode ASAP if event missed" is not checked.

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