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My WiFi drops connection frequently

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I have been on this WiFi network for 4 days and the connection drops sporadically at an annoying rate.   I have a 5G Network and a non 5G network in my home with home monitoring enabled.   The 5G drops at a painful rate ugh  Which is my home network on ESET Connected Home Monitor.  The non 5G does not drop nearly as much but it is labeled as a Public Network by ESET Connected Monitor.   Previous to this week I was connected to a FIOS network in another state with no connectivity issues.  How get the most out of ESET and still have access to the faster network without dropping every two seconds (hyperbole)?



  •  Windows 10 Pro Version 1909
  • HP Envy (3 weeks old) 64 bit Operating System
  • ISP Optimum Run by Altesse
  • Arris Modem TM8220
  • Sagemcom Router 5260CV
  • ESET Version 13x



Additionally, my folks purchased a new laptop Dell Windows 10 64 bit which has ESET installed and they have had the same experience with the home network dropping frequently.  Am I doing something wrong?  Please advise.

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Does temporarily disabling Connected Home Monitor in the advanced setup make a difference? If not, what about temporarily disabling the firewall? If that doesn't change anything either, does the issue actually go away after temporarily uninstalling ESET?

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It helped me when I disabled Home Monitor.  The thing is if I install for example third party anti-viruses like Bitdefender or other stuff in few days, not only my network speed goes to the lowest point, my pc performance drops too.  Uninstalling  it brings to nothing good. Everything remains the same.  Virus Protection from windows is not working at all.  I bought a Key online, reinstalled my windows and installed ESET, nothing like that I have with this anti-virus. Except my first sentence. But everything works smoothly. Maybe it's about Windows version.

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2 hours ago, PrincessJasmW said:

Maybe it's about Windows version

Wi-Fi issues have manifested on Win 10 1909: https://zcom.tech/wifi-disconnects-automatically-windows-10.html/ .

But Wi-Fi issues have also occurred on other Win 10 versions due to Wi-Fi Sense issues: https://appuals.com/wifiinternet-keeps-disconnecting-on-windows-10/

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