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I have seen many questions in the forum here about sending malware to ESET, I'm having the same problem, I have samples here around 30 wherein Eset does not detect, sent following the tutorial from the official website and not get response. I'm very sad about it, every day I have files that I would be looked at quickly, since these are zero day. Already sent request for them to look my first file, but no answer. I would like a solution to this, how do I send files to which they are watched quickly, like Avira, Emsisoft for example?
I await response

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ESET is one of the best (if not the best :)) antivirus programs in terms of malware detection and protection against zero-day threats. Although we appreciate that users send us undetected samples, I must also admit that only low portion of them are quality samples and actual malware. A lot of submitted samples are greyware, keygens, non-functional files, etc. You can be sure that every submission is reviewed; if no detection is added it's most likely that the sample was evaluated as not suitable for being detected. No reply is usually provided in the case of submissions from malware hunters who submit packages with a lot of samples of usually very low quality. Samples should be sent separately and only related ones should be sent in one email. Needless to say that in order to add a detection, further logs or information may be required.

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