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eis issue

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hi, i need a help from you, currently before buying eset product i wanted to try it out, but i guess i am facing bugs in the product. i contacted support of my own country and other country to, but they all seem to be illiterate. It is requested that you share this issue with eset development team since this issue relates to eis product as for me since i am using this only, but it may exists for nod32 also.


Currently using latest version of EIS but it is has way too bugs and issues. Kindly share with development team at earliest. This issue has been from past 2-3 months with ESET products, at least the EIS which I am using, the latest version.

Steps I did before scanning malicious folder containing malware:
1)I switched of my protection of EIS from taskbar.
2) I set contextual scan settings to no cleaning, such that whenever I scan a folder containing malware I will get to decide what I should do with the samples, delete, clean etc ( I always choose delete)
3) Launched contextual scan of malicious folder and after scan completed and list of malware detected appeared I choose delete and the process completed.
4) I had three extra folders which also contained malware samples. Started contextual scan on the, but this time simultaneously three folders one by one but at the same time (not directly scanning three folders at once)
Outcome of the procedure while the scan was still going on three other folders.
1) The files in quarantine folder vanished which should have been there for the very first contextual scan I did.
2) No contextual scanning that was taking place for three other folders was shown in computer scan. Despite the scans were running in the background and can be easily verified by the CPU Memory ESET was taking as per the image attached.
3) The update section had some of the displayed thing vanished (image attached)
4) The tools section had all of the display vanished (image attached)  
5) At the end when the finally the contextual scans that were running in the background, when they completed and I deleted all the detected object, every section went to normal. All the vanished thing were displayed correctly.
6) The only thing that was not visible was that the quarantine files that were not shown in the quarantine section but when I opened C:\Users\$$$\AppData\Local\ESET\ESET Security\Quarantine, the quarantined files were present there, but they were missing from quarantine of ESET interface.
Additional Information
I had provided you this issue/ bug in the past also, but still no solution has been there.
Also attaching, Eset log collector with images of the above said statements. FOR ESET LOG CREATOR, I have selected collection profile to ALL, such that you can get an in dept analysis. The log will also show you quarantined items with their detection but at the same time they are not shown up in ESET quarantine section as shown in image attached.
Hope that you are able to resolve this issue at earliest and release a patch for this.
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Check your pm please. I've asked for:
- the samples you've scanned
- step-by-step instructions to reproduce the alleged issue
- description of the problem that you have found as well as expected behavior.

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