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 Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, how are you all, I hope you are fine

Dear brothers, I am a web designer, I like to train on things that are out of the ordinary and to develop more and more from my level, and I had previously trained on designing a program called Telegram, from the beginning to the end, To simulate things through JavaScript and its library and of course all in the browser and based on web design languages, and almost 3 months ago began to imitate the program Nod32 Antivirus, and frankly the program had many challenges, and thank God, i skip it , and to design the program to the end, and when I reached the page about, I read copyright, and I liked that my conscience and Jericho here I am asked a simple question:

Am I allowed to imitate this training program? And of course without publishing the source code with anyone, in addition to not using it in business and profitability, but I would just like to show it in groups on Facebook, interested in web programming, and so to get criticism and rose in the level more and more, is it Do you allow me to complete the training?

- Of course I will show the design in Facebook groups, in the form of pictures and video

- And if you allow me, I will show the design as pictures, to the clients until I show them my level, if me want to take a job on the freelance sites

- Finally, here are some pictures from the version I am training:

01- https://i.imgur.com/gmz3Jrz.png

02- https://i.imgur.com/P0rNVD8.png

03- https://i.imgur.com/vjmaKjL.png

04- https://i.imgur.com/Q0QtxPC.png

05- https://i.imgur.com/Xviuz6t.png

06- https://i.imgur.com/oYTvXpE.png

- Of course I just changed the color from blue to red, because honestly don't like blue

In conclusion, can you allow me? And thank you all for this wonderful program ^_^

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