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Application Audit Faulty

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Using ESET Mobile on a Pixel 3XL running Android 10 and a Note 10+ running Android 9.    When changing the permission of installed applications based on reviewing the ESET application audit, the application audit doesn't reflect the change unless you uninstall the offending application.  For example, the audit reported that the Amazon app had contacts permissions and when I denied contacts permission in the settings, the application audit still showed the Amazon app had contacts permission; even after I did another full scan.   The only way I could force ESET to recognize the updated permission was to uninstall and reinstall ESET; that's not practical.  I tried disabling and reenabling Application Audit but that didn't work; is there another way force a new Application Audit and show the correct permissions?    The example is just that; it doesn't matter what app or what type of permission you're reviewing; the audit does not reflect changes made by the user except when the offending app is uninstalled and then it disappears from the audit list.  

More problematic is when I used the Pixel settings permissions manager, it revealed that numerous apps had contacts permissions that didn't show in the ESET Application Audit.   Perhaps it's an Android 10 issue but at this point, the Application Audit is faulty.  

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