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Block SPAM via ipaddress

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Hi there,

I think this is more a feature request.

1) It would be nice to filter and  blacklist and block ipaddresses and ranges of ipaddresses 

2) Also an option to delete blacklisted immediately per blacklisted item (Now its only possible to move all the blacklisted to a certain folder(SPAM))

I have incoming spam from ezzi.net coming from the US using an emailadress coming from Belgium..

s p f = p a s s   ( 1 0 4 . 2 4 3 . 7 8 . 1 5 ; r a a f a c h t i g e . b e ) ;  
   d k i m = n o n e   ( n o s i g s ) ;  
   d m a r c = p a s s   h e a d e r . f r o m = r a a f a c h t i g e . b e   ( p = n o n e   s p = n o n e   d i s = p a s s ) ;  
 X - E n v - M a i l f r o m :   b a s b o s m a n @ r a a f a c h t i g e . b e  
 X - E n v - R c p t t o :   .....................
 X - S o u r c e I P :   1 0 4 . 2 4 3 . 7 8 . 1 5 

The email from is continuously changing and its impossible to blacklist the domainname because that is changing to. The only thing not changing is the ipaddresses they come from and for now the ".be" address.

Thanks in advance

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If you come across unrecognized spam, you can report it to ESET. Blocking IP addrresses is possible only in mail server products, e.g. in the ESET transport agent for MS Exchange.

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Hello, sorry, my question is not related to your topic, but I created a topic that is still waiting. By cons, I see that you managed to post. Have I forgotten something? Thank you.

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Thanks for your reply. I am a home user so no mail server. That's why I call it a feature request because sometimes you know for sure(based on the ipaddress) it can be deleted and want to remove the SPAM immediately, but some new unknown SPAM needs to be addressed first. Thanks anyway

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