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    n0zkl3r gave kudos to stackz in EIS firewall question   
    That particular rule is checked in my installation. Seeing as it's a built in rule, I'd expect it to be checked by default.
    Edit: I just reset all rules to default and that rule is definitely checked.
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    n0zkl3r gave kudos to itman in EIS firewall question   
    For some odd and unknown reason, the Eset firewall will often throw an alert about an insecure firewall rule in reference to the built-in equi rule. It usually occurs after an in-place Eset upgrade to a new version. You possibly answered one of those alerts as a block action which resulted in the rule being disabled.
    What appears to be triggering this activity is Eset's Application Modification detection which is only applicable if the firewall is set to Interactive mode. Bottom line - this activity appears to be a long running bug in Eset firewall processing.
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