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Onedrive missing icons


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@Nkosinathis the only way ESET could be part of this issue is if the icons are hosted on a CDN that is being blocked for some reason.

Temporarily disable your ESET product by right-clicking on it and choosing to turn it off for 5 minutes. During that window, open OneDrive. Are you icons back? Or still gone?

If they're still gone, it has nothing to do with ESET.

If they're back, best way we could help is if you right click where one of the icons are meant to appear and "Inspect", and then send us the URL that it is supposed to include in the <img src=""> tag. Once you know the CDN that is being blocked (which can be determined by the image URL), you can make a decision about how you want to address the problem. Obviously it's blocked for some reason (maybe someone was using the same CDN to distribute malware), so simply excluding it would not be advised.

Robbie // The Bald Nerd

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